Granite Countertops



Our granite levels pricing starts with Level 1 and goes up to Level 5.

We do have many Level 1 to 5 & Exotic Colors (high-end) in our Warehouse-Showroom as WHOLE SLABS.

Please contact us for more choice.

Our warehouse is fully stocked with many beautiful stones to choose from.

There are hundreds of colors for granite but you can see our general list as below to help you understand how granite levels work.

Price-wise, LEVEL 1 is the most affordable level and it goes up per level.

We would appreciate that if you could submit your layout/drawing within your price requests.

If you do not have any layout/drawing, you can schedule your in-home estimate from here.

Important Note:

Please be advised that all countertop stone colors and pattern may vary and each slab may be different than displayed here or in the showroom as a small sample. Please contact and visit Countertop Depot Showroom before you start to your project if you would like to see and pick your own actual slab from stocks.

Your stone can be tagged and reserved upon your payment for a month only, then it will be released. If your project will take longer than a month, then please visit our warehouse before a month or sooner time close to your project to see and pick the stone from the updated inventory.

Edge Profiles


Azul Platinio
Baltic Brown
S F Real
Luna Pearl
New Caledonia
New Venetian Gold
Rosa Beta
Santa Cecilia
Santa Cecilia Light
Tan Brown
Uba Tuba
Absolute Black
Black Pearl
Giallo Napoleon
Giallo Ornamental
Giallo Vicenza
Impala Black
Imperial White
Kashmir White
Madura Gold
Peacock Green
Safari Brown
Tropical Brown
Black Galaxy
Blue Pearl
Coffee Brown
Colonial Cream
Colonial Gold
Colonial White
Dakota Mahogany
Giallo Veneziano
Imperial Gold
Ivory Fantasy
Ivory Gold
Juprano Vyara
Kashmir Gold
Volga Blue
Bianco Antique
Bianco Romano
Black Marinache
Blue Fantasy
Costa Esmeralda
Crema Bordeaux
Dynamic Blue
Emerald Pearl
Golden Macauba
Juprano Crema Bordeaux
Lapiz Brown
Metallica Black
Red Dragon
Sienna Bordeaux
Typhoon Bordeaux